Giustina Regan

What is your favorite part of gameday?

My favorite part of game day is definitely the March to Victory. Having fans on either side cheering us on is a great way to start gameday. The energy is unlike anything else.

What do you like about Marching Knights?

What I love about Marching Knights is the people and the connections I have made. Being exposed to so many different people on all different walks of life is mind opening and refreshing, and I’ve definitely found friends I’ll cherish for life.

What are you most excited about for this season?

I’ve just been excited to march since last marching season ended. Being back on the field in the Bounce House is a feeling like no other and while I’m excited for that, I’m also excited for the routine that comes with marching band and getting to see my section/friends on a regular basis.

Describe a favorite hobby of yours.

I enjoy making bracelets and crocheting. When I’m not on the field, I’m a relatively introverted person who likes to relax and watch movies while crafting or just hanging out with people.