Armaan Gandhi

What is your favorite part of gameday?

Getting to feel the energy for not only the crowd, but the band. It’s so fun to just have fun and enjoy game days with your friends doing what you love!

What do you like about Marching Knights?

I love how it’s a community. There’s so much diversity not only at UCF, but in the Marching Knights so it’s always so welcoming.

What are you most excited about for this season?

I’m excited to see what games are like now that we’re in the Big 12 conference! I’m also excited about the new shows we’re going to play! It’s so fun getting to play the music and see things getting put together on the field.

Describe a favorite hobby of yours.

I love being with friends all the time! I enjoy quality time so just hanging out and catching up or doing anything around the area is always what I’m doing.