UCF Concert Band & University Band: Pegasus Concert

UCF University Band

Scott Lubaroff, Director of Bands

Kaitlin Oresky & Ryan Polk, Graduate Conductors

  • Jubilee Overture (1983)

    Composed by Philip Sparke

    Ryan Polk, Graduate Conductor
  • Dragonfly (2019)

    Composed by Katahj Copley

    Scott Lubaroff, Conductor
  • Wishes and Wantings (2023)

    Composed by Kelijah Dunton

    Ryan Polk, Graduate Conductor
  • Kindred Spirits (2023)

    Composed by Erika Svanoe

  • Cartwheeling (2020)

    Composed by Robert Traugh

    Kaitlin Oresky, Graduate Conductor

UCF Concert Band

Dave Schreier, Director

  • Southern Winds Fanfare (2022)

    Composed by John Dupuis

  • Ayo (2022)

    Composed by Katahj Copley

  • Journey Through Orion (2006)

    Composed by Julie Giroux

  • Unidad en Rítmo (2023)

    Composed by Michelle Fernández