UCF Concert Band & University Band: Spring ’24 Pegasus Concert

UCF University Band

Scott Lubaroff, Director of Bands

Kaitlin Oresky & Ryan Polk, Graduate Conductors

  • Declaration Overture (1976)

    Composed by Claude T. Smith

    Ryan Polk, Graduate Conductor
  • Thank You Notes (2022)

    Composed by Andrea Reinkemeyer

    Kaitlin Oresky, Graduate Conductor
  • Summit (2020)

    Composed by Kevin Day

    Scott Lubaroff, Conductor
  • The Sight That Awaits Us (2022)

    Composed by Kelijah Dunton

    Kaitlin Oresky, Graduate Conductor
  • The Klaxon (1930)

    Composed by Henry Fillmore

    Ryan Polk, Graduate Conductor

UCF Concert Band

Dave Schreier, Director

  • Ride! (2003)

    Composed by Samuel Hazo

  • Traffic (2006)

    Composed by Thomas Doss

  • To Soar Above the Clouds (2024)

    Composed by Cameron Cummins

  • The Great Locomotive Chase (2000)

    Composed by Robert W. Smith

  • In Joyous Flight (2019)

    Composed by Patrick Roszell