Winter Pegasus Concert

UCF Symphonic Band

Dr. Tremon Kizer, Director

Scott Mullen, GTA Conductor
Shelly Weir, Guest Conductor

  • Lincolnshire Posy (1931)

    Composed by Percy Aldridge Grainger

    I. Lisbon
    II. Horkstow Grange
    III. Rufford Park Poachers
    IV. The Brisk Young Sailor
    V. Lord Melbourne
    VI. The Lost Lady Found
    Arr. Fennell
  • Sussex Mummers Christmas Carol (1965)

    Composed by Percy Aldridge Grainger

    Shelly Weir, Guest ConductorArr. Goldman
  • Danzon No. 2 (1998)

    Composed by Arturo Marquez

    Scott Mullen, Graduate ConductorArr. Nickel

UCF Wind Ensemble

Dr. Scott Lubaroff, Director

Malcolm Burke, GTA Conductor

  • Picture Studies (2012)

    Composed by Adam Schoenberg

    I. Introduction
    II. Three Pierrots
    III. Repetition
    IV. Olive Orchard
    V. Kandinsky
    VI. Calder's World
    VII. Miró
    VIII. Interlude
    IX. Cliffs of Moher
    X. Pigeons in Flight
    Arr. Patterson
  • The Frozen Cathedral (2012)

    Composed by John Mackey

    Malcolm Burke, Graduate Conductor