Victoria Torres

What is your favorite part of gameday?

My favorite part of gameday is the Pregame run-on. I love the adrenaline rush I get as I watch the MK intro video play on the big screen, watching as the drum major plants their sword in sync with the end of the video. Those next few moments of running onto the field as the drumline plays their cadence is easily my favorite part.

What do you like about Marching Knights?

I think the biggest aspect of MK’s that I love is the shared pride we all have towards our University. We are all so passionate about UCF and you can hear that through our chants and performances.

What are you most excited about for this season?

I am most excited about performing for more game days than last season. In addition to our home games, we will be performing in 2 in-state away games plus a possible bowl game!

Describe a favorite hobby of yours.

Gaming is easily my favorite hobby. It helps me relax after a long day and allows me to observe what makes a video game successful. This is crucial for my future endeavors creating and designing games.