Michael Ames

What is your favorite part of gameday?

There is nothing better than running onto the field for Pregame with thousands of fans cheering you on. The level of spirit that we are able to bring to game days is incredible, it is a tradition that I look forward to continuing this next season.

What do you like about Marching Knights?

I love the music that we play and how excited the fans get when we march onto the field for either Pregame or Halftime. Our stands tunes are some of the most exciting songs I have played for any football team.

What are you most excited about for this season?

I am most excited to travel to some away games and to also host other bands, I cannot wait to meet some people from different programs. I am also incredibly excited to return to the Bounce House as a Drum Major, running out of the tunnel with the Marching Knights.

Describe a favorite hobby of yours.

As a film major, I like to watch movies and tv shows, I also like to do research on behind-the-scenes facts and processes. I also like to learn new cooking recipes, play video games, and practice editing with content recorded from those video games I like to play