Luke Johnson

What is your favorite part of gameday?

My favorite part of game day would have to be memeing with the other tenors. Being able to crack jokes with friends while watching a good game and playing drums is always a recipe for fun, but contained chaos.

What do you like about Marching Knights?

What I most enjoy about the Marching Knights is that I get to participate in the coolest section in the band, which is clearly the drumline. Sousas and Trombones are cool too. I could also say that being in a group with the most remarkable people on campus fits in with what I like about the Marching Knights as well.

What are you most excited about for this season?

For this season, I am most excited about Dr. Kizer and Mr. Schreier being the absolute beasts that they are. With Dr. Kizer saying “You’ll be taken care of”, “Take the cream off of that hot chocolate”, and “Yeah daddy” in the microphone multiple times per rehearsal and Mr. Schreier holding down the fort as the Godfather, it’s hard to present a way that rehearsals could get even better when they’re already top notch.