Jason Millhouse

Jason Millhouse has served as the Voice for the Marching Knights since 2009, when he worked for the MKs as a teaching assistant under Ron Ellis. During that year, Dave Schreier, Ron Ellis, and Jason made a spontaneous sideline decision to provide the previously unlabeled UCF Fight Song the new moniker of “Charge On”, applying lyrics from the song in a new and improved script that would be read just a few moments later in the press box. The name was a hit, and has become a fixture in the lexicon of school spirit and campus-wide pageantry at UCF. Jason received his first undergraduate degree in Education from the Florida State University, where he served as a drum major for the FSU Marching Chiefs. He holds a masters degree from the University of Central Florida, and a second degree in Computer Science, also from UCF. Jason works as an instructional designer, course builder, and curriculum developer for education firms throughout the United States. He loves corgis, hates painting, needs coffee, and hopes one day to publish a novel.