UCF Bands Statement of Shared Community & Inclusion

The University of Central Florida Bands, as a program and as ambassadors for all of UCF Knight Nation, embrace the opportunities that we have to spread joy through music, but more importantly, we believe strongly in our additional opportunity and responsibility to build community for all.

We celebrate the diversity of our students, our alumni, our faculty and staff… our family, and we believe that it is that diversity that makes us strong and makes us all great, together. We are dedicated to being a community that is welcoming, accepting, and encouraging of our members to feel safe, heard, and valued, and to give them voice.

We are also committed to using our unique public position and to using the art of music that we so happily share to help further educate and enlighten the world around us to the power and beauty of the many cultures that make us whole, and to celebrate all of our citizens. We believe that any time any person or people is knocked down for reasons of race, gender identity, sexual preference, culture, or nationality, we are all damaged, and we will always strive to be the first in line to extend a hand of friendship and to lift those who have been victimized back up, for it is only through elevating the marginalized about us and giving them voice that we will all be strong, that we will all be Knights… together.