Marching Knights

Mentorship Program

Established by the Marching Knights Alumni Chapter in 2018, the Marching Knights Mentorship Program plans to foster meaningful relationships between Marching Knights alumni and current Marching Knights students. The program provides alumni with the opportunity to give back to their alma mater, expand their network and enhance their resume, while supporting the educational and professional development and experience of current MK students. The program is specifically designed and coordinated by the Marching Knights Alumni Chapter Board of volunteers. It is our belief that student enthusiasm and alumni support are crucial to the continued success and advancement of this mentorship program.

Mentorship program Handbook

Research has proven that mentorship programs elevate and advance people in their profession, education, and organizations. The MK Mentorship program is an amazing opportunity for current students to connect with MK alumni who serve in professions our students aspire to be in. This wonderful program creates pathways and furthers the connections between our students and alumni.

Dr. Tremon Kizer, Associate Director of Bands

The Marching Knights comprise a unique group of students and alumni, creating a unique network in many different fields of study and careers. The Marching Knight Mentorship program is a great way to connect our students with successful professionals in various industries that share a common bond of music and the UCF MK experience.

Mr. Dave Schreier, Assistant Director of Bands


You have the opportunity to share your professional and personal experience and expertise with current Marching Knights.


You have access to a robust network of alumni who are eager and willing to meet you and share their wisdom and advice about life beyond UCF.

Sample Schedule

Subject to change. Program participants will be updated via email.

Sep. 4Deadline to apply to be a Mentor/Mentee
Sep. 7–11Applications review by the MK Alumni Chapter Board
Sep. 14-18MK Mentorship Committee will match alumni mentors with student mentees. The committee will prioritize the matching of UCF juniors and seniors first.
Sep. 24Notification of match to MK Mentors/Mentees
Oct. 23-24Meet up at MK Homecoming
Feb.Check in by Mentorship Committee
Mar. 8-12UCF Spring Break
Apr. 15Mentor/Mentee meet up at MK spring event, Symphony Under the Stars
Apr. 16-26Follow-up review and survey
Apr. 26Last day of classes