Marching Knights

Community/State College Students

Please note the Florida Board of Governors requires the following minimums for acceptance to UCF as a non-degree seeking student:

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA based upon academic core classes only
  • SAT Reading: 24
  • SAT Writing/Language: 25
  • SAT Math: 24
  • ACT Reading: 19
  • ACT English: 17
  • ACT Math: 19

New Community/State College Students

  • Please complete and submit a UCF Undergraduate Admissions application. This application can be submitted on-line via the UCF Admissions Website.
  • If you are a high school senior, please mark you have graduated high school to be taken to the appropriate form.
  • For the question “Are you applying to:“, choose attend some classes at UCF, but I do not intend to earn a degree from UCF. The next question will allow you to indicate that you are applying for Non-Degree Marching Band Only. You must also submit the application fee, transcripts and test scores.
  • All items must be submitted to UCF Undergraduate Admissions office by May 1. Applications submitted after this date cannot be accepted and participation for next fall will not be possible!
  • In addition to submitting a complete UCF Undergraduate Admissions application, you must also complete the form below. This form must also be submitted by May 1, 2021.

Returning Community/State College Students

  1. Log on to myUCF using your student ID and password
  2. Click on Student Self Service → Student Center
  3. Once on the Student Center page, go to the Other Academic… dropdown menu and scroll down to Readmission Application.
  4. Read all instructions on the form. Please note: if you were previously disqualified, you will need to include a personal statement indicating the reason for your previous academic difficulties, and your specific plans for ensuring academic success in future semesters.
  • If you have attended another institution since last enrollment, you must submit all official transcripts. Failure to do so may delay your ability to register for classes.
  • After submitting the online application, your application status can be found at: MyUCF → Student Self Service → Student Center → Other Academic… → Readmission Application Status.
  • This form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office no later than May 1. Readmission applications submitted after this deadline may not be processed in time to meet enrollment deadlines!
  • In addition to submitting the online application, you must also complete the form below. This form must also be submitted by May 1, 2021.

Both New and Returning Students

Once you receive your UCFID, please complete the form by May 1, 2021. If you have any questions/issues, email Mrs. Barbara Kelly-Hursey.