Absence Request

Absences may be excused if they are due to personal illness, a death in the family, certain academic events, a religious holiday, class conflicts, or special approval from the directors. Work is not an excuse to miss a performance. Should an absence be necessary, band members are required to do the following:

Absences due to illness/injury

A student that becomes ill should:

  1. Notify the directors prior to rehearsal that he/she is ill and will not be able to attend. This should be done via e-mail.
  2. If emergency conditions do not allow a student to notify the directors of his/her absence prior to rehearsal, notification must be made within 24 hours of the absence.
  3. Complete the Absence Request Form below. Submit this form within one week of the absence. Failure to submit this form will result in the absence being unexcused.

Absences for other reasons

Should a student anticipate a conflict with a rehearsal or performance, he/she should:

  1. Complete the Absence Request Form below. Submit this form at least two weeks prior to the requested absence.
  2. If the absence is due to a death in the family or other unforeseen emergency, the form should be submitted as soon as reasonably possible.
  3. A sub should be arranged for any absence. If a sub cannot be arranged, please see the director as soon as possible.
  4. Special circumstances other than those listed above should be cleared with the director as soon as possible.

All Absence Request Forms will be reviewed and determined excused or unexcused, after which students will receive an email with the decision. Students should keep this email on file in case there is a discrepancy in their grade at the end of the semester. Should a student not follow the procedures outlined above, the absence will automatically be recorded as unexcused.

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If a sub is not necessary, or can’t be found, please notate.
Please refer to the syllabus on the Docs & Forms page for sub details.