CBDNA Athletic Bands Symposium

2022 CBDNA Athletic Bands Symposium

Wednesday, June 1

  • Golf Tournament (Twin Rivers Golf Course)

    • An extra fee is collected for this event during symposium registration
    • A very limited amount of clubs are available for rent: first come, first served

  • Mini Golf Tournament (Congo River Golf)

    • An extra fee is collected for this event during symposium registration
  • Athletic Band Symposium Reception (Hotel Courtyard, Sponsored by DSI and Smith Walbridge Clinics & Band Products)

Thursday, June 2

  • Breakfast (Hotel)

  • Breakfast ends

  • Welcome Session by Jeff Moore, Dean of College of Arts and Humanities, UCF (Ballroom 1)

  • Culture Drivers! Impacting the band, the profession, and yourself by Greg Drane, Jack Eaddy, Kelvin Jones, and Tim Heath (Ballroom 1)

    Putting the Pieces Back Together: Coming Out From Behind the Screen and Resuming Operations for Our Chapters by Tony Falcone (Ballroom 2)

  • Break (Sponsored by Pearl/Adams)

  • Fostering Great Relationships with Your Athletics and Marketing departments by Kelvin Jones, Dave Haskins, and Dontay Douglas (Ballroom 1)

    Build a Pro Level New Media Team on a Budget by Kenneth Will (Ballroom 2)

  • Break

  • Expanding the Repertoire and Effectiveness of College Bands Using Amplified Instruments and Soloists by William Plenk (Ballroom 1)

    How I Came to Love Game Days: Empowering student leaders to lighten your load! by Andrew Hunter (Ballroom 2)

  • Lunch (Hotel)

  • Building Resilience: Exploring the Social-Emotional Benefits of Collegiate Athletic Bands by Andrew Rhodes (Ballroom 1)

    Spot On: The Collaboration with Marching Mizzou, the University of Missouri College of Engineering, and our Boston Dynamics Spot the Robot Dog by Amy M. Knopps, Josh Boyer, and Kristofferson Culmer (Ballroom 2)

  • Break

  • Your band is only as healthy as YOU! by Michael Thursby (Ballroom 1)

    And the Band Plays On… The Value of your Alumni Band by Robin Oegerle (on behalf of NAoAB) (Ballroom 2)

  • Break

  • Copyright: What we know, what we think we know, what we need to know by Trey Harris, Lauren Edelman Willens, Partner/Deputy Chair of Trademarks (Ballroom 1)

    The Prepared Ensemble – How to Leverage Technology to Make the Most of Rehearsal Time by Scott Casagrande and Drew Dickey (Ballroom 2)

  • Break

  • Big City Bands: The Ups and Downs of Supporting College Sports in a Pro Sports Town by Matt Brunner, Cameron Kubos, Chad Hughes, and Betsy McCann (Ballroom 1)

    Community by Design: Building Your Band Ecosystem by David Thornton and Arris Golden (Ballroom 2)

  • Break

  • Travel to evening event

  • Evening event at the Pirate Dinner Theatre Adventure on International Drive

  • Halftime Session (Ballroom 1)

Friday, June 3

  • Putting the FUN in FUNdamentals by Dave Schreier (location TBA)

  • Break (Sponsored by Ultimate Drill Book)

  • Get Your Time Back! Tips and Techniques for Setting and Cleaning Drill Faster with UDB by Josh Gall (location TBA)

  • Break / shower / vendor time

  • Lunch (Hotel)

  • Righting the Ship that’s on Fire and Sinking by Michael Tignor (Ballroom 1)

    “Write Better, Faster” by John Leonard (Ballroom 2)

  • Break

  • A B1G Halftime Show: Creating a Collaborative Experience by Andrea Brown, Greg Drane, Richard Frey, Arris Golden, Barry Houser, and David Thornton (Ballroom 1)

    Let’s Get Real – Here’s What Really Matters! The Truths and the Myths of Directing a College Marching Band for Both Rookie and Veteran Directors! by Jay Rees (Ballroom 2)

  • Break

  • There’s a Better Way – Pyware Tricks to Speed Up the Drill Learning Process by Jonathan Sweet (Ballroom 1)

    Going Beyond Likes and Shares: Refreshing Your Strategic Recruiting Plan by J. Nick Smith and Darin Olson (Ballroom 2)

  • Break

  • Serving it Up – Pride of the Mountains Day of Service by Jack A. Eaddy, Jr. and Trevor Bailey (Ballroom 1)

    How Many Dots is Enough: Effective drill writing concepts for any size marching band by Dontay L. Douglas (Ballroom 2)

  • Break

  • Banquet (Ballroom)

  • Shuttles to Disney Springs

  • Shuttles to Disney Springs end

Saturday, June 4

  • Breakfast (Hotel)

  • Breakfast ends

  • The Gen Z Recruitment Cookbook by Alex Weiss (Ballroom 1)

    Inside the Guard Closet by Jeremy Williams and Chris Green (Ballroom 2)

  • Break

  • Our Job has no bounds! Getting it all organized and keeping it running by David Mills (Ballroom 1)

    Building and Sustaining an Excellent Marching Percussion Ensemble by Paul Buyer and Mark Spede (Ballroom 2)

  • Break

  • Juried Presentation: Equity and Inclusion in Ensembles: The Path from Difficult, to Discovery, to Diversity by Jay Jacobs and Lia Snead (Ballroom 1)

  • Wrap up (Ballroom 1)

  • Symposium ends (lunch on your own)